Upcoming trips

The Surf Cooperative

The Surf Cooperative is a not-for-profit surf club based out of London. We arrange monthly trips to the UK coast to make it easier for surfers living in the city to surf more often and to meet like-minded people.

Rather than staying in hostels, the Surf Cooperative seeks out farmhouses and cottages, and lays on all food and drink to make everything fun and jolly from the word go. It’s a fairly muck-in environment and members tend to help out with dinner preparations and keep the house tidy.

Open to surfers of all levels, the Surf Cooperative can help members schedule surf lessons with the local surf school and also hire equipment from local surf shops. Members take care of their own transport to the coast, but the Surf Cooperative does what it can to arrange car shares between everyone coming. So far it’s all worked out swimmingly!

For more information on where we stay, how we get there, what happens, what we eat, and what it all costs, check out How It Works.